Board Games Jeopardy

board games jeopardy

Board games jeopardy can bring the fun of the popular TV game show to your home, party or pub. They are also great for taking on trips and vacations. These games are a good choice for families and adults alike, as they are fast-paced and provide a lot of suspense.

While there are many different versions of this game, most of them follow a similar concept. One player acts as emcee for two to four players, and each player selects a category and dollar value. Behind each dollar amount is an answer or trivia clue related to the category. If a player thinks they know the answer, they signal and respond to it in the form of a question. They are rewarded with play money if they are correct and penalized if incorrect. The game continues in this fashion until the Jeopardy round is complete. Then the process begins again for “Double Jeopardy,” which adds five new categories and doubles the stakes.

This game by Endless Games packs a lot of Jeopardy into a small package that is easy to take on the road. It has 35 double-sided game sheets and 1750 “answers,” including fun categories such as Just Desserts, Animal Rhyme Time and Grumpy Old Men. It also includes Daily Doubles where you can wager part of your money for a big win or loss. The rules are simple and make this a good game for kids and adults of all ages.