Board Games That Get You Drunk

board games drinking

Board games are a classic way to bond with friends and get acquainted with new faces. But the best board games drinking take that to the next level by incorporating alcohol, which makes them even more fun.

While some of the best drinking games are specially designed, there are plenty of popular board games that can be easily converted into booze-fueled games. You can find everything from Monopoly to Drinkopoly on this list of board games that get you drunk.

The best board game drinking games usually have a simple rule set that’s easy to understand for well-liquored players. That’s because complicated rules are likely to become confusing when you have a few rounds under your belt. For example, a dice game with more than two rules is probably too complex to play while under the influence.

One of the best examples of a drinking board game is Drunk Jenga, which has blocks with different commands like ‘Waterfall’ (everyone drinks until the player on their left stops), ‘Drink/Pour’ directives (to down or pour your drink), and ‘Never Have I Ever’ challenges. The game also includes a fun-sized flip cup so you can keep playing, even if you run out of cards to choose from.

Another great option is Tipsy Land, which is a cute version of Candy Land for adults who are 21 or older. This drinking board game is splash resistant and has a few prompts like ‘lowest phone battery drink’, ‘call your mom drink’,’stare at someone drink’, and ‘thumb wrestle drink’.