Top 5 Board Games For Christmas 2020

board games xmas 2020

As we head into the festive season, family game nights will be in full swing. Whether you’re looking to avoid another round of your dad’s 1970s Trivial Pursuit or want something that the whole family can enjoy, there are some great new board games out there.

A classic that’s seen a huge increase in popularity, this fast-paced strategy game sees players race to construct railway routes across America by claiming coloured route cards and placing them in front of their opponents. It’s a great way to burn off Christmas dinner energy and can even help develop dexterity skills for younger members of the family.

Describe as many words as you can in 30 seconds – from Christmas films and songs to traditions and foods – in this festive take on the classic speed-talking game. Work your way up the Christmas tree by answering questions and be the first to add a twinkling star to win this family-friendly game.

If you’re in the mood for a little detective work, then this nail-biting board game is sure to have you guessing who did it. Using clues and process of elimination, it’s up to you to use your wits to crack the case – can you find out who stole Lady Edith’s typewriter?